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School is in session wee....-sigh- not much more online time, mainly at night and days off, but...I also have a part time job now, so I will not always be able to be so active. I have been SO inactive lately, and I do apologize, I'm just getting so busy with this summer ending and this new school year begining. I am going to try my best to keep up a little bit more, but...if I can't, I think I will be saying goodbye to all my rating communities :( till next summer when I can join again. I'm terribly sorry for the inactive-ness but I hope I can do some catching up this weekend while having a four day one! Sorry again! ♥♥♥

I hope that everyone who lives in Florida where the hurricane is going to hit, stays safe! I'm sure you'll all be okay, I hope so! :D
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