Krayniak (jollymelancholy) wrote in barelybeautiful,

Age: 15
Birthday: August 15
Race (white, black, asian, ect.): White.. Arabian & Canadian/European
State: Florida

you're opinion on...explain your reasonings.
abortion: pro-choice.  having a kid could ruin someone's life completely!  also, think of the rape victims
self-destruction: I'm for it, I participate.. cut, burn.. you know
drugs: drugs, eh?  totally depends on the person.  it's their decision.  I've done/do (occasionally) drugs.. but, I hold quite some respect for those who resist the temptation
drinking: same as drugs
the 80's: uhh.. my opinion on the 80's?  dumb question.  actually.. the 80's were awesome.. break-trough music!
parents: i don't care
gay marriage: I do not the the government should have any say in one's intimate life!  I'm for it.
sex before marriage: pro-choice..
briteny spears: i don't care
christina aguiler: i don't care
jessica simpson: i don't care
avril lavinge: i don't care

coke or pepsi: pepsi (both are gross)
day or night: night
summer or winter: winter
shorts or pants jeans
god or satan: neither
single or taken: taken
boys or girls: boys
lights on or lights off: lights off

movies (at least 5): Requiem For A Dream, A Clockwork Orange, Donnie Darko, Ghost World, Clerks
bands (at least 10): Poison The well, hawthorne heights, from autumn to ashes, operation ivy, minor threat, remembering never, the strokes, the horrorpops, mustard plug, mad caddies
books (at least 2): prozac nation, the melancholy death of oyster boy
songs (at least 3): jaded - operation ivy, ohio is for lovers - hawthorne heights,  bombshell - operation ivy
parent (choose, and why?) neither.. they both have bad cons

now you...

what's your favourite thing about yourself: belly button
what's your least favourite thing about yourself: everything else

show me a funny picture or yourself or someone (something) else. :)
now, be beautiful for us...and show us at least 2 pictures of yourself.


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