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Name:  Julia
Age: 14
Birthday:  August 28
Race (white, black, asian, ect.): White
State: Rhode Island

you're opinion on...explain your reasonings.
abortion:  It should be every woman's choice.  It should definately not be illegal, simply because there are times when it is the best option.  But it should DEFINATELY not be forced apon anyone.  If someone is mature enough to have sex, they should be mature enough to deal with what might happen. 
self-destruction:  If someone is hurting themself, they need to get help.  They obviously don't realize how much they mean to the people around them. 
drugs:  I am totally anti-drugs.  I respect my body and wouldn't harm it purposfully in any way. 
drinking:  I am also against drinking.  However, unlike my response to drugs, once I am of the legal drinking age, I might consider doing so then.
the 80's:  Hmmm...can't say I know to much about this decade, because I was born in 1990.  But it sounds like some awesome good times...
parents:  They're annoying, they make you do stuff you don't want to...and they care about you (how cute!).  Unfortunately, 99% they also know better then you...but they'll always be there for you.
gay marriage:  I am totally pro-gay marriage.  Everyone should be able to love and marry who ever they want.  End of story. 
sex before marriage:  Like abortion, make sure you are mature enough.  But if you use protection and are with someone you care about, go for it!
briteny spears:  She can be... a lot of things.  Right now I'm finding it kind of annoying to open up a magazine and seeing her and her boyfriend?  Husband?  drooling all over each other.  Kinda grosses me out...
christina aguiler:  Totally awesome-  she has her own fashion sense and doesn't listen to any bullsh*t that anyone gives her.
jessica simpson:  I can't say that I've ever watched "Newlyweds" (I don't have cable) but she seems really cool.  And she has an incredible singing voice.
avril lavinge:  I have a love-hate relationship with Avril.  I absolutely love how some of her songs I can connect with (My Happy Ending- "that's EXACTALY what I felt like when I broke up with him...") but I don't like how she always has these major PDA's. 

coke or pepsi:  Pepsi
day or night: Night
summer or winter:  Summer- my favorite season hands down
shorts or pants:  Shorts- even though I am totally insecure about my legs
god or satan:  I'm not that religious...but God
single or taken:  Single-  It's a lot easier for me.  I know some girls would love to have boyfriends, but I find it stressful and even kind of annoying.  I'd rather know I can be my own person without a guy who won't always be there.
boys or girls:  For hanging out with- Girls.  I am much more comfortable hanging out with my girl friends, because I'm more relaxed.
lights on or lights off:  Off

movies (at least 5):  Legally Blonde, Pirates of the Caribbean:  The Curse of the Black Pearl, Charlie's Angels, Finding Nemo, The Matrix
bands (at least 10):  Yellowcard, D12, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, JoJo, Eminem, Nelly, Usher, Ciara, Bowling for Soup 
books (at least 2):  "The Misfits"- by James Howe and the "Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging:  Confessions of Georgia Nicolson" series by Louise Rennison
songs (at least 3):  "Just Lose it"- Eminem, "1985"- Bowling for Soup, "American Idiot"- Green Day
parent (choose, and why?)  Wow...what a difficult question.  I'd have to say my mom is definately easier to talk to...and my dad is easier to hang out with (like watching baseball games).  So, both of them :D.

now you...

what's your favourite thing about yourself:  My personality.  I have no problem shouting out my opinion...although I do have a problem being quiet.  I am quite the blabbermouth.  :D
what's your least favourite thing about yourself:  I'm really insecure about my legs and stomach.  Most people think I'm overreacting because I own about 10 miniskirts, but I just don't love those parts of me.

show me a funny picture or yourself or someone (something) else. :)

This is my little brother...he can be incredibly cute (like when this picture was taken) when he feels like it, but also can be very little brotherish (aka-ANNOYING!)

now, be beautiful for us...and show us at least 2 pictures of yourself.

I'm on the right...

On the right again...

Wow, that took forever!  Thanks for reading it~

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