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Please excuse any spelling errors... Its late and I've had far more pixy stix than any border-line diabetic should have.

Name: Kelly
Age: 14
Birthday: July 25
Race (white, black, asian, ect.): White... Italian, Irish, and Hungarian and German.
State: New Jersey

you're opinion on...explain your reasonings.
Well, I kind of see two sides of this. Someone I know was raped and she got pregnant from the rape. She wanted to have the baby and put it up for adoption, but being she was but 12 her mother made her get an abortion. Had she been older, she probably would have done the same thing because of how it was concieved... she didn't want to keep a baby who she wound up with through such a horrid experience. But then again, I don't think its right for women to get abortions simply because they don't want to have kids. In that case it isn't exactly fair... I think abortion should be on a desperate basis only... not just a "condom" type of thing to use after the deed has been done. But then again, its the woman's body, so she should be able to do with it what she wants.
self-destruction: I kind of understand people who do this, though I don't support it in the least. Some people use alcohol to cope with depression, some use drugs, and some use self-inflicted pain. Its just as addicting because it makes you feel better, but it is also a major killer. I know someone who nearly killed herself on accident because of self injury. So even though I'm not in support of it, I'm not going to bitch at people that its stupid either.
drugs: I don't see the point. One can get just as messed up on sugar in mass amounts as they can on drugs, so why bother. I would never do drugs because my mother was on marijuana when she was pregnant with me, so I have a very high chance of becoming insanely addicted if I even try it once. Also, I don't want to do anything that can alter my mind, because the mind is the best part of the body and if your mind is fried from drugs, then you may as well be dead.
drinking: Again, I don't see the point. I'll never do this either, becuase I've experienced first hand how violent and abusive things can get when one is under the influence. I don't want to hurt anyone I love and so if steering clear of alcohol can help me abstain from that, I'm not going to get myself drunk and risk messing up.
the 80's: <3333 Love the hair, love the music, love the TV shows. Enough said. <33333333
parents: Whats there to say about them? They feed us, they take care of us, they curse and throw things at us, and they put us through school. Once in a while maybe they do something nice for us, but not usually.
gay marriage: Same opinion as straight marriage... if it makes you happy and doesn't physically hurt anyone, then go for it. Gays, bisexuals, lesbians, transgeders and straights should all be able to reap the benefits of a happy home with a loving family.
sex before marriage: I think it happens more often than not, now a days. But I also think that it would have more meaning if it didn't. If theres love there, it shouldn't matter what age or what the circumstances are - go for it. Just be responsible about it. Don't do anything you won't be able to deal with if things go sour(in other words... use a condom).
briteny spears: (You spelled her name wrong... may want to fix that) I think she is a fabulous entertainer and makes decent music. She also has a pretty nice body. Her music would sound fabulous if some band got the guts to re-make it in ska verson later on.
christina aguiler: (You spelled her name wrong too... not to be nit-picky or anything) She is amazing. Great voice, great musician, great dancer. Combine her musical talent with Britney's preforming talent and you've got the singer everyone wants to be.
jessica simpson: I don't really have an opinion on her. I've heard that shes made a few very stupid slip-ups and that shes done somr X-rated things, but neither really bother me. If she wasn't so famous, she wouldn't be criticised for it.
avril lavinge: From what I've heard, shes quite the bitch. I like her music, to an extent. She is definately trying much too hard and needs to be herself rather than what people want her to be. She does have talent though, and if she stopped worrying about her image and used it, she'd go pretty damn far.

coke or pepsi:
day or night: Night
summer or winter: Winter
shorts or pants Pants
god or satan: God... or the version that I believe in
single or taken: Taken
boys or girls: Boys
lights on or lights off: Lights off

movies (at least 5):

  1. Evolution

  2. Batteries Not Included

  3. Rocky Horror Picture Show

  4. Yellow Submarine

  5. Finding Nemo

bands (at least 10):

  1. The Beatles

  2. Rx Bandits

  3. My Chemical Romance

  4. Reel Big Fish

  5. Elf Power

  6. Pink Floyd

  7. Metallica

  8. KiTTiE

  9. The White Stripes

  10. Evanessence

books (at least 2):

  1. To Dance With Kings

  2. Timeline

songs (at least 3):

  1. Yellow Submarine by The Beatles

  2. The Sun Is Forever by Elf Power

  3. I Don't Care by Rx Bandits

parent (choose, and why?)
My mother because my father is a cheap-skate who beats us.

now you...
what's your favourite thing about yourself:
My eyes and my personality(for the most part)
what's your least favourite thing about yourself: My unconfidance and thighs

show me a funny picture or yourself or someone (something) else. :)

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now, be beautiful for us...and show us at least 2 pictures of yourself.

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^ Note: I'm the girl. :P
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